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5. Completing Common Tasks


Welcome to lesson 5 of 5 in the GuideConnect for Assessors Course.

In this lesson you will review how to complete common tasks. The lesson aims to provide you with an insight on operating GuideConnect. It aims to show the simplicity, and guidance that is provided, as you work.

Lesson objectives

After studying this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Accurately describe the steps to complete five common tasks in GuideConnect.
  • Give a clear example where one may use the Action menu to fulfil a task.

This lesson should take no more than twenty minutes to complete.

Demonstration videos

The upcoming videos demonstrate the way you can accomplish some common tasks in GuideConnect. The clips are a small selection of videos from a wider range available in the product and on the Dolphin website.

Creating and sending an email


Creating and saving a document


Searching the Internet


Scanning a document


Making a video call


In this lesson you reviewed how a selection of tasks are completed in GuideConnect. It is hoped, through this review, that you were able to see how simple the tasks were to complete and this in turn provided you with a greater understanding of the product and the type of person to which this product may benefit.


Below are three sample quiz questions based on this lesson. Please spend no more than five minutes considering the answers to these questions.

  1. GuideConnect is designed for a business person to complete their daily tasks. Is this statement true?
  2. GuideConnect is designed to support people with a visual impairment and with limited technical know-how accomplish their daily computer tasks. Is this statement true?
  3. You must open the Action menu and choose the Send option to post an email to a contact. Is this statement true?

End of lesson

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But before you move on, here are the answers to the quiz questions:

  1. False.
  2. True.
  3. True.