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19. Product Support


Welcome to the final lesson in the Trainer's Course. This lesson will provide you with information on additional help and learning resources that are available to you.

Lesson objectives

After studying this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Accurately name five free resources available to you that will enable you to further your knowledge on SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader functionality.
  • Correctly name the online resource available on the Dolphin website that enables you to troubleshoot issues you may experience with SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader.
  • Correctly name the free resource available to you from Dolphin that enables you to watch a product demonstration and ask questions to the demonstrator about the presentation.

This lesson should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete.

This lesson applies to:

  • SuperNova Magnifier.
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Speech.
  • SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader.
  • Dolphin ScreenReader.

Resources for further learning

Dolphin have a wealth of free resources available to help you learn more about product features and tips that ensure you get the most from the product.

SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader resources include:

  • Product Help.
    SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader include a comprehensive HTML Help Manual within the product, enabling you to easily navigate the contents, follow links and search for key words. You can open the Manual from the "Help" menu or by choosing the "Help" button in any dialog box within the SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader Control Panel. The selection of the "Help" button will take you directly to the topic that reviews the options available in the dialog box.
  • Product Manuals and Quick Reference Guides.
    SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader Manuals and QRGs are available to download from the Dolphin website. The documents are available in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.
  • Video tutorials.
    Video tutorials are available to teach you how to use particular features of SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader. You can watch the videos on the Dolphin website or subscribe to the Dolphin channel on YouTube.
  • App tutorials.
    Tutorials are available to help you get the most out of using SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader with popular applications such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Windows itself. You can view the tutorials on the Dolphin website.
  • Product webinars.
    Dolphin regularly offer interactive webinars on products and features to which you can freely sign up to join. The webinars enable you to watch a demonstration of a product, feature or theme and to raise any questions you may have about the presentation. You can view and sign up to upcoming webinars on the Dolphin website.
  • Dolphin Knowledge Base.
    The Dolphin Knowledge Base is an online resource you can use to search for answers to common setup, configuration and compatibility issues you may encounter with Dolphin products.
  • Discussion group.
    An active independent discussion group for people using SuperNova and Dolphin ScreenReader is available for anybody to join. The group answer questions, offer tips on using applications and suggest ways to resolve issues. You can learn more about this discussion group at the website.

If you are experiencing more technical issues that require more immediate assistance to resolve, then you can contact your local Dolphin Product Support Team. You can find Product Support contact details on the Dolphin website.


This concludes the final lesson in the Assessor's Course. In this lesson you learnt about the resources available to you that enable you to go forward and further your knowledge about Dolphin products.


Below are three sample quiz questions based on this lesson. Please spend no more than five minutes considering the answers to these questions.

  1. The selection of the "Help" button in the SuperNova Control Panel dialog box opens a help page explaining the purpose of each setting in the dialog box. Is this statement true?
  2. A Quick Reference Guide is available for download from the Dolphin website. Is this statement true?
  3. Your participation in a Dolphin interactive webinar enables you to watch a demonstration of a product and enable you to ask questions about the product. Is this statement true?

End of lesson

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But before you move on, here are the answers to the quiz questions:

  1. True.
  2. True.
  3. True.

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